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Bay Area Vehicle Specials | Putnam Mazda Burlingame

If you want to save a lot of money on a new car, check out the latest Mazda vehicle specials at Putnam Mazda Burlingame. Our dedicated team of new car experts will go above and beyond to help you get the best new car prices possible. We want our customers to be educated buyers in every sense of the word. That means making sure you know all about the features and capabilities of the different models, and it also means making sure you know how to get the best deal on a new car. As we strive to make the car-shopping process less stressful for everyone, one of the main things we do is focus on making everything less expensive, so it's easier on your wallet.

Mazda 2022 Special Deals

When you view the latest Mazda incentives, you'll find great deals across a variety of different categories. If you want to purchase your vehicle outright (or with a loan), you may be most interested in looking into the new Mazda discounts or low APR financing offers. If you prefer to lease your vehicle, then a lease offer on a popular Mazda vehicle should be right up your alley. With so many different kinds of deals, it's easier than ever to find one that's a good fit for your budget and lifestyle.

Here at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame, we try our best to ensure all of our customers get access to the best deals from the manufacturer. Beyond that, we make sure to offer good deals at the dealership level that complement what's available from the national brand. At the end of the day, these prices should make your next car purchase a lot less stressful from a financial point of view. To make sure you're choosing the best Mazda incentives for you, learn about the different kinds of vehicle specials.

Mazda Lease Incentives

The great thing about leasing is that it allows you to get into a new vehicle without having to finance it or buy it outright. Leases are ideal because they allow you to always get into a new vehicle every few years. Before you sign a lease, though, just be aware of a few minor restrictions. For example, most leases come with mileage limits, so you may have to pay additional fees if you drive more than the specific amount of miles. If you only drive your vehicle for normal commuting, though, this shouldn't be a problem.

Mazda Purchase Incentives

If you decide that you'd rather own your vehicle instead of leasing it, then check out the new car specials that are focused on purchasing the vehicle. There are two primary kinds of specials that can help you with this. Either look for financing offers that will keep your interest rate low, or choose a new car discount from the purchase price.

No matter which financing incentives are available, our experienced team will go above and beyond to get you a great deal on your new car loan. Even if your credit is less than perfect, our car financing experts will help you get the best loan possible. In addition to minimizing your interest rate, we'll work with you to keep your monthly payment low.

Mazda Specials in Burlingame, CA

The Putnam family of dealerships serves residents from all over Northern California. People have been coming to us since 1965 because they know we'll offer the best new car deals possible. Whether you want to lease or own your next car, stop by Putnam Mazda in Burlingame to save money on your car.

Bay Area Vehicle Service Center | Putnam Mazda Burlingame

Here at Putnam Mazda Burlingame, our commitment to excellent service doesn't end when you leave with a new vehicle. After we sell you a new Mazda vehicle, we'll also do everything we can to keep it in excellent working condition for the entire life of your vehicle. With regular maintenance and professional service at every stage, your vehicle will operate more efficiently, last longer, and ultimately fetch you more money whenever you eventually decide to sell it. If your car or SUV has been making any unusual noises, running less smoothly than usual, or has just gone a while without a checkup, let our professional Mazda technicians take a look under the hood for you.

Mazda Parts and Service in Burlingame and Northern California

When you get your Mazda serviced at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame, you can be completely confident that you're getting genuine parts from the manufacturer. This is important because the official Mazda parts have been specifically designed to work in your vehicle, so everything will fit flawlessly without causing any additional problems. You can count on our genuine parts from the manufacturer to perform, and using them will also help protect the warranty on your vehicle. Some auto mechanics with less experience might not be sure which parts are best for your vehicle, and making the wrong choice can do more harm than good throughout the life of your vehicle.

Since we're a Mazda dealership, we have uninterrupted access to all of the best Mazda OEM parts. Everything that we put into your vehicle here at our dealership in Burlingame is just like what the manufacturer would install at the factory. We use genuine parts every time we perform maintenance on a Mazda vehicle, so every customer gets complete assurance that their vehicle is getting exactly what they need. Don't gamble with the health of your vehicle just to save a few dollars on imitation parts.

Best Mazda Repair in Burlingame

When you get your Mazda serviced, it's important to trust the Northern California car mechanics who have specialized experience working with your specific type of vehicle. Our team here at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame is qualified to work on any make and model, but we especially love working on Mazdas. We also have a lot of experience working with vehicles from this manufacturer, which helps us make repairs as quickly and effectively as possible. Don't hesitate to bring us any type of vehicle because the Putnam family of dealerships covers so many different manufacturers, and we're certainly your top choice for Mazda repair near San Francisco.

We can handle it all. When it comes to your factory-scheduled maintenance, we'll run a full battery of tests to ensure that your vehicle is in excellent condition so you can drive with confidence. If you need something more serious, we can help with that too. Some of our most common services include the following:

  • Mazda battery test and replacement

  • Tire rotation and new tires

  • Adding coolant, windshield wiper fluid, and other fluids

  • Mazda oil change

  • Brake service

  • Mazda air conditioner repair

  • State inspections

  • Transmission flush

  • Engine tune-up

Mazda vehicles are instantly recognizable to anyone with an eye for sporty style. This carmaker is defined by smooth, sleek lines and attractive design, which might make you think all of the vehicles would be very expensive. The good news is that our Mazda new car inventory actually contains some of the best values you're likely to find, especially when you want a vehicle that will earn plenty of attention on the road. This is thanks in large part to the number of new vehicle specials at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame. 

Types of Mazda Promotions

Almost every vehicle in the lineup can be found with some sort of special offer, especially if you know when and where to look. Mazda promotions regularly include offers of each of the following types:

  1. Mazda Customer Cash - When you buy a new Mazda, this type of offer essentially takes money off of the sale price. It's one of the best ways to save money on a new car.

  2. Mazda Lease Offers - Leasing a vehicle is ideal for people who always want to be driving a new car. Leasing a Mazda is especially nice because this brand is always pushing the envelope and designing some of the most modern and advanced cars on the market. Mazda lease specials help you save money along the way.

  3. Mazda Financing Offers - You don't have to pay for your new car in cash to get a great deal. Mazda has special offers for new car loans, which can help keep your monthly payments low and minimize the amount you spend on interest. Our team of financing experts will work with you to make sure you're getting the best new car loan possible with your credit.

Why Buy a Mazda

If the Mazda promotions here aren't enough to convince you, a test drive almost certainly will. Once you see one of these cars, sit inside of it, and feel how it handles on the road, you won't want to buy anything else. The special offers and great Mazda deals are just the icing on the cake. Browse the entire new car inventory today to find the best vehicle for your lifestyle and budget.

Mazda New Car Inventory

Before you can find the perfect deal, focus on choosing the right Mazda for your needs. Depending on what you're looking for, choose a sporty sedan, a Mazda SUV, or the legendary Miata. Once you've selected the perfect vehicle, our staff will help you make the most of all of our new car offers and get the lowest possible price. Visit us today at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame to get started.

Visit the Service Center at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame Here at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame, our reputation is important to us. We've been serving the residents of Northern California for many years already, and we intend to continue doing so for a long time to come. One of the ways we work to build a lasting relationship with this community is by providing the best quality of service!