Are you in need of a different car but unsure what's available for used cars? With the fluctuating economy, consumers have slowed down on buying cars, so dealerships have lots filled with used cars just waiting to be sold. Come to Putnam Mazda to speak with our sales staff, check out our inventory of used vehicles, and discover the many benefits of buying a used car.


  • Used cars are typically substantially lower priced than new cars.
  • Because the used car is cheaper to repair than a new car, insurance premiums are more affordable as well.
  • Used vehicles are cheaper to repair in case of an accident.
  • Used cars are usually cheaper to maintain than new vehicles.
  • Used cars are generally easier to customize than new cars, which make them ideal for young drivers in San Francisco.
  • Financing is going to be easier to obtain because you're borrowing less money.
  • Many dealerships offer special deals on used cars.
  • Many used cars may be offered as certified pre-owned vehicles, which come with exclusive deals and warranties.
  • Since most of the depreciation takes place within the first year, you won't have to deal with lots of depreciation with a used car.

Buying a used car doesn't have to be stressful and difficult. In an effort to keep the process easy, we offer online car shopping. Whether you're in the market for a reliable used Mazda or some other make, we invite you to check out our bargain inventory.

Although we do carry various used Mazda cars, we also have numerous other makes and models on our lot. Scroll through the collection of used vehicles on this site until you find something that appeals to you.

Get started online and apply for financing.

Our handy search engine allows you to narrow your search to what you want and need and models available in the Bay Area. Contact us, and we can schedule a convenient time for you to test drive a used Mazda or any other vehicle you might like. Our professional sales team is eager to assist you in finding your next vehicle, so we encourage you to fill out our CarFinder form if we should not have your dream car.