Tires with decent tread depth and no imperfections might be the best ones. After all, you don't want to lose traction or experience a blowout. If you stay current with checking your tires, then you may be able to get new ones before they become hazardous. The simple "penny check" on the treads is an easy inspection you can do. So is checking the air pressure level with an inexpensive tool.

Look for other obvious signs of problems such as bulges, blisters, and cracks in the sidewall. These imperfections could indicate a severe problem. The tire could suffer a blowout when the tires become so visibly worn.

Experiencing excessive vibrations might mean troubles with the suspension, tires and wheels, or something else. Maybe you need an alignment.

Don't drive around Burlingame or elsewhere on worn tires. Come to the service station at Putnam Mazda to shop for new ones. Our technicians can put the new tires on the car, as well.


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