Important Mazda3 Sedan Safety Features Drivers Appreciate

Now that the new Mazda3 sedan is here on the lot at Putnam Mazda, we thought we would take a minute to help educate motorists as to why this vehicle is the popular compact car of the year.

In an effort to make certain a driver is not distracted behind the wheel, the Mazda3 comes with a Lane-Keeping System. Monitoring the exact position of the car on the road, if drifting from the lane lines occurs, vibrations are sent to the steering wheel to simulate driving over rumble strips so the driver knows they must take corrective action immediately.

To make certain that your new Mazda3 is as safe as possible on the road, the Pre-Collision Assist feature uses sensors to constantly monitor for a threat of a collision ahead. If detected, the driver gets several warnings to take action or the braking system powers down so you stop in time.



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