Some Important Facts About Alignments

It may not happen right away, but in time you will notice your car starting to drift either to the right or left when you drive. When you check it out, you may see that your car tires are pointing in different directions. Chances are good that your car needs a wheel alignment.

Several things can knock your car out of alignment. Hitting a curb, driving over roads with potholes, or general wear and tear can cause your wheels to start pointing in the wrong direction. Misaligned wheels can cause your tires to wear out faster, or your car's suspension system will wear out prematurely. If you do not have your wheels aligned, you could wind up spending a fortune on tires or a new suspension system.

Do you think the wheels on your car need an alignment? Come see us today at Putnam Mazda and let one of our automotive specialists get your car driving straight as an arrow.

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