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The New Mazda3: A Compact Car with Power and Performance

If you are looking for a smaller vehicle that will provide you with fuel-efficient performance, the new Mazda3 is the vehicle for you. The new Mazda3 is now available at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame, CA. This vehicle is capable of seating five, and it has the safety and tech features that drivers in the Bay Area are looking for.


The Mazda3 offers quick acceleration with its SKYACTIV®-G 2.5L four-cylinder engine that will produce 186 horsepower. This fuel-efficient engine allows the new Mazda3 to average 35 mpg when driving on the highway. The Mazda3 is equipped with impressive traction features such as i-ACTIV All-Wheel Drive which is a predictive AWD system. This means the all-wheel drive system actively monitors several of the car's functions continuously. For instance, the system monitors steering, temperature and braking to determine what is the best time to bring the all-wheel drive online.


There are a number of important technology features included in the new Mazda3. One of these is the MAZDA CONNECT™ Infotainment System. This system has many unique features that are a part of it to stand out from the competition. This system will provide you with important information about the health of your car's vital systems. You will also have the ability to make calls and texts by voice command with embedded technology, as well as systems like Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, so you can utilize the apps on your smartphone while you are driving a new Mazda3 around the San Francisco area!


The available full-color Active Driving Display helps you take your mind off distractions by projecting critical driving information directly in front of you, right within your line of sight. Strategically positioned directly in the driver's field of view and above the gauge cluster, this innovation display allows you to process information faster by keeping your eyes focused toward one place-the road ahead.


Every detail of the interior was designed to make driving better. From the instrument panel to the gear selector, everything was placed with intention and care to make your every move more intuitive. Why? To let you focus on what matter most: driving.


When we set out to design the Mazda3 cabin, we did it with the driver in mind - each step of the way. We considered every detail that could make the driving experience better, from the seats, center console, full-color Active Driving Display and instrument panel, down to the door pockets and handles. The goal was to create a more sophisticated, intuitive interior that revolved around the driver.


There are an abundant number of safety features standard in the new Mazda3 like a tire pressure monitoring system is one of these features. This feature makes sure that all of the tires are inflated at the proper air pressure. If a problem is detected, you are alerted right on your instrument gauge.

The Mazda3 is also equipped with a lane departure warning which will alert you in the event you begin to drift out your lane without signaling. The new Mazda3 is a comfortable and technologically advanced compact car that drivers of all types will love. It has a number of standard safety features, and it has the power and traction control needed for a pleasant ride. When it comes time to shop for a new Mazda3 that is ready to do much more, then it is time to come over to Putnam Mazda and see first-hand why this car is ready to impress. The Mazda3 is not just a sedan, but is also offered in five-door hatchback configuration for those who want a bit more cargo space. Take a look at all of our new Mazda models today and get something you will truly love.

For a better idea of what is offered, see what makes a Mazda special! See you soon!