When you are faced with a flashing tire pressure light on your dashboard, what should you do? You may think that it is just an indication that your tires need to be inflated. However, there are other reasons for this indicator. The most common reason for the light being illuminated is the under-inflation of your tires. This article will outline some of the potential causes of low tire pressure and how to fix them!

First of all, make sure your tire pressure is correct. The recommended pressures can be found on a sticker in your car (normally in the driver's side door jam). If the light is still illuminated after reaching this level, then there may be another reason for it that you should investigate.

One cause could be that you have a puncture in your tire. If you see any visible signs of this (eg: the car is pulling slightly to one side when you drive), then it would be advised to get a new tire and change it immediately. Contact Putnam Mazda for all your motor vehicle needs


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