How to Test a Vehicle's Battery

The battery is something you might not think about until it stops working properly. When this happens, calling it an inconvenience can be an understatement. Rather than waiting until the battery dies, it's a good idea to test its state of charge.

This assessment is fairly simple and can be done with a voltmeter. The voltmeter has two test leads. After making sure everything is turned off, first connect the positive test lead to the battery's positive terminal and then connect the negative test lead to the negative terminal.

You'll get a reading as to how well your battery can accept and hold a charge. Anything above 12.4 volts is considered sufficient. A battery with a reading below that level may have trouble holding a charge, and if the reading is 12.0 volts or less, definitely replace it. We'd be happy to help with that at Putnam Mazda.



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