The average amount of miles drivers put on their cars is about 12,000 per year. "Average" means some go way over, and others go way under the 12,000-mile mark. Driving only a limited number of miles per year saves drivers a lot of money. Fewer miles means less fuel consumption and less of a need for maintenance. Oil changes, however, remain required even if you don't drive the vehicle at all.

Motor oil breaks down over time. Six months after new oil went into the engine, the oil loses much of its effectiveness. The oil turns from light green to dark black, loses viscosity, and likely has many impurities in it. The engine also builds up sludge due to the old oil.

All these things happen even without driving the car. Don't assume the oil is okay because you only drove 1,000 miles. Once six months go by, the oil requires changing.

Drivers in Burlingame will appreciate the oil change service our technicians can do. Call us at Putnam Mazda to schedule one.



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