Do You Know What a Timing Belt Does?

Do you know what a timing belt is? Maybe you've heard your mom or someone else talk about them, but especially if you are a newer driver, you might not be 100% sure on what the timing belt does. It's useful to know because a timing belt that goes bad at the wrong time can cost thousands of dollars in repairs. To help you out, here is an explanation of what a timing belt does and how it can cost you if it breaks.

The pistons and valves on the vehicle's engine have to open and close at certain time intervals. The camshaft and crankshaft are responsible for opening and closing these valves and pistons. But it's the timing belt that coordinates the timing at which the camshaft and crankshaft do this. If the timing belt is broken, your engine will not run. Moreover, if the timing belt breaks when the valves and pistons are opening and closing, this could result in damage to your engine.

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