Always Be Prepared for an Emergency With a Roadside Kit

You never know when an emergency will strike, and you should be prepared for anything. The same goes for when you're in your vehicle, where a roadside emergency kit could be detrimental.

An emergency kit should be kept inside your vehicle at all times. This kit can help you in a variety of situations. Your emergency kit should include jumper cables (in case your battery dies), a flashlight (with extra batteries), and a first aid kit. You should also include any and all tired-related tools like a lugwrench and tire gauge. It is never a bad idea to include blankets or other items to keep you warm. You'll want to be sure to include extra bottles of all the fluids your vehicle needs, warning devices (like flares and cones), other tools, and even an air compressor with a built-in jump-starter.

No matter what happens on the road, you can be prepared with your own roadside emergency kit. If an emergency does strike, come see our expert service department at Putnam Mazda in Burlingame!

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