The All-New 2017 Mazda CX-5

Available Trims:
  • 2017 MAZDA CX-5 SPORT
The All-New 2017 Mazda CX-5. Like every Mazda, it's built for people who love driving. And for those who want to feel that way again. Or even for the first time. Stunning new design radiates from every corner, curve and detail. Exceptional driving dynamics connect you to the road.
  • KODO DESIGN - Mazda's KODO: "Soul of Motion" design philosophy is based on creating cars that embody the dynamic beauty of life - cars that visually suggest a different expression of this energy.
  • DRIVER-CENTRIC INTERIOR - A connection from the very first touch - passed from the hands of the craftsmen who created it. This is the philosophy behind Mazda's Human-centric design for crafting the interior of the 2017 Mazda CX-5 crossover.
  • SOUL RED CRYSTAL METALLIC PAINT - We take a unique approach to creating our paint colors. One of our goals for the all-new CX-5 was to design a color that complemented every curve and angle, giving this stylish compact SUV even more depth, richness, and luster.
  • MAZDA'S TAKUMI CRAFTSMEN - While computers are important tools in a car design, it's the human touch that creates a design with feeling. Crafting a form that appeals to your heart. This is a philosophy Mazda's "Takumi" craftsmen instill into every aspect of the design process.
  • PASSENGER COMFORT - We offer new features to keep your second row passengers comfortable and connected. Like ample entrance and exit room, available heated second-row seats, rear air conditioning vents and USB ports in both front and rear center armrests.
  • OVER 250+ IMPROVEMENTS - With features like a quieter cabin and available stunning Metal Wood trim, Mazda designers and engineers accomplished it all without sacrificing driving dynamics.
  • SOUNDS ENHANCEMENTS - Mazda engineers incorporated unique sound-deadening materials such as sound-insulating glass and extensive seal insulation - resulting in a significant dulling of unwelcomed road noise.
  • UTILITY - The newly available Power Liftgate can open and close at your command with either the help of the available Mazda Advanced Keyless Entry button, or a button located inside the driver's cabin. 
  • PREDICTIVE I-ACTIV AWD - The available i-ACTIV AWD predicts when all-wheel driving might be needed, monitoring everything from outside temperature to throttle input and braking patterns.
  • SKYACTIV DYNAMICS W/ G-VECTORING CONTROL - The system works seamlessly by adjusting power delivery and shifting vehicle weight. The only thing the driver will notice is how great the drive actually is.
  • SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY - The framework incorporates ultra-high tensile steel in critical areas to help make it lighter, yet stronger - and ultimately, a more enjoyable drive.
  • JINBA ITTAI: MAZDA ONENESS - In Japan, the oneness between a horse and its rider - or Jinba Ittai - inspires Mazda to create cars that become a natural extension of a driver's mind and body. The all-new CX-5 encompasses such details as driver's seat positioning and steering wheel location.
  • ACTIVE DRIVING DISPLAY - With the available intuitive Active Driving Display, vital information such as vehicle status, current speed, and route guidance is projected onto the windshield. Pertinent data is positioned in your line of sight and allows you to better adjust your focus - ultimately minimizing distractions while driving.
  • TRAFFIC SIGN RECOGNITION - Based on front camera identification in conjunction with navigation data, this available system recognizes and displays traffic signs such as Stop, Speed Limit and Do Not Enter.
  • MAZDA RADAR CRUISE CONTROL - Available Mazda Radar Cruise Control with Stop & Go function works within a set speed range to help maintain a safe following distance from the car ahead, alerting you when it senses your vehicle fast approaching.
  • SMART CITY BRAKE SUPPORT - When traveling at low speeds, this system detects objects ahead. If an impact is predicted, the system will adjust the brake pads closer to the disc for faster braking, or apply the brakes if you're unable to. 
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